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 Year #8
 2005 - 2012

About Us

Everything about BRC Dry Cleaning is different — from the cleaning products we use, our state of the art equipment, to the slight impact we have on the environment. We are pretty sure that our cleaning methods do not leave harsh chemical residues or smells and do not release harmful waste into the environment; like we said we are pretty sure.

Every garment is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and pressed.  We handle your clothes and Playa costumes with the care and attention to detail that you would expect.  We know how much time you spent finding the perfect fur and the time it took to sew and make that amazing Playa coat.

Pre-Order your Dry Cleaning Needs Now!! Avoid any possible delays of service while On-Playa.

"People often ask what is the difference between BRC Dry Cleaning and other dry cleaning establishments?", says ScottoBobScotto.  "There isn't really one thing that makes us different, but a combination of many factors.  BRC  Dry Cleaning is locally owned and operated and has served a growing customer base in Northwest Nevada for over 3 years.  BRC Dry Cleaning  is somewhat eco-friendly, utilizing the natural alkalinity of the Black Rock Desert floor in our washing process, which is endorsed by Federal Regulators", continues ScottoBobScotto.
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BRC Dry Cleaning will do everything possible to ensure your garments are returned to you clean and ready for immediate wear; nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses or defects in materials or hand sewn costumes; which may result in tears or holes in fabrics that are not readily apparent or guarantee against color fade/loss and or fabric shrinkage.

"Our employee's are another big difference between us and other NW Nevada dry cleaning establishments.   They are continually receiving training on the latest garment care techniques, spooge removal and of course the art of keeping our customers stains private", says ScottoBobScotto.

If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our cleaning, simply contact us at within 8 minutes of your pickup, and we will re-clean your items free of charge or contact our BRC Dry Cleaning Customer Care Center