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 Year #8
 2005 - 2012

Are you looking for a somewhat eco-friendly Dry Cleaning Service within the gates of Black Rock City while attend the Burning Man Festival? Than look no further than BRC Dry Cleaning. We know Dry Cleaning!! We know that stains and or spooge happen!!

Ever put on your new Playa costume - then go to dinner and spill your food all down the front of yourself?  Ever lay your coat on the Playa to have sex on - get finished and find a spooge stain? Ever put your coat down in a pile at a Theme Camp and come back later to find someone else is using it to have sex on?  Of course you have, but not to worry BRC Dry Cleaning is here to assist.

We encourage all Black Rock City Residents to check out the benefits from our many years of experience; we know you will see colors & whites in a whole new way.  No matter how stubborn the stain or spooge, our experienced team can remove it.  We employ the very latest dry cleaning methods for all your Playa wear garments & fabrics, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Pre-Order your Dry Cleaning Needs Now!! Avoid any possible delays of service while On-Playa.

BRC Dry Cleaning is proud of its patented cleaning process that employs almost no harmful environmental chemicals; at least none that are currently qualified as “possible to probable carcinogens” by the Environmental Protection Agency.  We know that other dry cleaners use harsh solvents to make Whites whiter & Colors brighter, but we stand by our emulsion.

Our methodology and chemical mixture are just the right thing for that awesome Playa Coat or delicate Lingerie that you would love to wear again but have stained and would be embarrassed to be seen in.  BRC Dry Cleaning will process your items - returning them to you - usually within six hours - so your ready for another night of partying around the streets of Black Rock City.  Each order will have a detailed invoice showing exact costs and a chemical breakdown of the stains we removed. If there is ever a paternity issue we offer complete DNA analysis of spooge stains at NO extra charge.

"The idea of BRC Dry Cleaning was a no-brainer", says ScottoBobScotto, BRC Dry Cleaning CEO.  I have always been a sloppy eater; am always spilling or dripping food.  Having Dry Cleaning Services while On-Playa seemed to fit, just knowing an inexpensive solution to stains and spooge close by gives me confidence to eat the way I eat", continues ScottoBobScotto.